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I'm not. In this case, I believe it is the fiery power of Mercury in Leo ruling energy of air, atmospherics and temperature! September 18, How is this calculated?

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By utilizing the latest techniques in Relocation Astrology -- which was originally devised by the late, great astrologer and researcher, Jim Lewis. First, I calculate the chart of the New or Full Moon in question. I look at maps of countries to see which planets are rising, setting, above or below in key urban areas.

This reveals which planetary and celestial principles are deeply at work in those localities. For example, if Mars, Saturn or Pluto and sometimes Uranus or Neptune is on one of the four main angles in a city at the New or Full Moon being analyzed, I may include that location in the red-arrow down section.

Planets in Locality (Modern Astrology Library)

On the other hand, if Mercury, Venus or Jupiter and sometimes the Sun, Moon, Chiron or an asteroid is on one of the four main angles in a city at the New or Full Moon being analyzed, I may include that location in the green-arrow up section. How can this help you? If you are traveling to that city or nearby , it may help you to know whether the astrological vibes are upbeat and favorable or looking more gloomy and distressing.

However, you are also prone to getting bogged down with a negative attitude and cynical, prejudiced behaviour as well as having a tendency to grumble and gripe when things are not to your liking. Be mindful that you do not lose the big picture when focusing on the details. In romantic affairs you are giving, loving, demonstrative, trustworthy, passionate, and adventurous. You despise petty behaviour in your romantic interest.

What you search for is the knight in shining armour, or the noble lady whom you can admire and cherish, a person that you can look up to and respect, someone to be lost in. It is important to you that attention be lavished upon you and that you are well cared for and valued. Someone charming who knows how to sweet talk, will go a long with you; you desire to feel like you mean the world to your partner. Extravagance sways you positively and your romantic life is often filled with drama and excitement of one kind or another.

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You want your mate to make an impression. There is a tendency to exaggerate your emotions. You are trustworthy, fun, sympathetic, direct, charismatic, and generally appealing, though sometimes you will fall in love with the idea of love rather than the person. You may be idealistic and hold people to higher standards than they are capable of attaining, and therefore can find yourself nursing a wounded heart.

It is more important to evolve your inner self than your physical self; be on the look-out for narcissistic tendencies. Conflicts are difficult for you to handle and you may even sweep things under the rug just to keep the atmosphere harmonious. You feel uneasy with overt confrontation or perceived hostility. You do not typically strive to climb the corporate ladder as the competition deters you.

It is more valuable to you to be content internally. You may feel lost when you are thrust into circumstances that require assertive behaviour.

However, you will fight to the death, if need be, to protect those closest to you. You become very defensive of the ones you love if you feel they are being mistreated somehow. Though naturally you would hide from conflict, you readily come to the aid of those you care for and can muster up a great deal of protective energy if the situation calls for it. Your ambitions are often largely connected to the desires of your family. You would put a lot on the line to secure their happiness. Stressful circumstances unravel you and it would be best if you avoided environments where you needed to contend with others.

If you are forced to deal with these sorts of situations, you will become grumpy and ill-tempered, brooding or sulking from the pressure. Your physical stamina is unsteady and directly correlates to the way you are feeling emotionally in the moment. Any sort of negativity will dampen your spirit and it will be physically apparent as you will become rather sluggish.

Although you have a tendency to use food as a way to deal with emotional upsets, it would be wise if you abstained from this as it does you more harm than good. You are dedicated, emotional, instinctive, protective, empathetic, sincere, determined, and industrious. It would be best for your health if you were able to find a positive outlet for the large amount of emotional energy that you possess. Sociable, compassionate, and philosophical, you prefer to enhance your knowledge by utilising your social connections as you are rather popular with others. You are able to inspire people to aspire to higher achievements.

You have a great appreciation towards aesthetically pleasing things and may be interested in justice or artistic pursuits. However, you may need to be mindful for a tendency towards indulging yourself or exerting your energy on too many extravagances, as well as choosing a partner for what they can bring you rather than who they are; love the PERSON, not what their status.

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You may be more interested in showing society that your union is prosperous rather than blissful. You often fret about possible difficulties that those you care for may encounter; you will quickly come to their defence if you see any trouble. Your emotions tend to be unstable and you find yourself feeling doubtful and unworthy of being loved due to possible early childhood neglect by your parental figures. They may have been cold or unable to show you emotionally that you were cared for.

There is a tendency towards high expectations for your own children and you can be an authoritarian. Be mindful of your moods as you easily plummet into dark places. Subconsciously you may be always worried that others are out to cause you pain and therefore you retreat from becoming too attached to people.

You are considerate though may not always be sympathetic towards others. This is often due to the fact that you are so scared of what someone else might do to you that you are blind to the pain others are experiencing. This placement unfortunately causes problems with the digestive tract and you may wish to avoid drinking fluids while eating.

Also it would be wise to keep an eye on the foods you choose and how much of them you ingest. Owning real estate may be something that helps you to feel safe and secure. The Houses in astrology are the stage. In the home, in health, in the career or in the marriage, to name a few.

The Houses tell the story of where the action is happening, what type of people are involved and what sort of environment it is. You aspire to obtain power through material gains and your natural talents, as it is important for you to be highly regarded and worthy of respect.

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Motivated and giving, yet you can be prone to excessive spending and in turn may find yourself being domineering or controlling with your possessions, and sometimes with others as well. You may also harbour feelings of being unloved or unworthy, if an aspect is afflicted with the Sun. You are often rather nurturing to your co-workers, always mindful of their needs.

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It is easy for you to become fully immersed in your career and you may over-work yourself at times. There is a desire to be of service to others, especially working with women or the general public. You are very sensitive and moody; frequent career changes are likely. Your health is fickle and linked to your emotional state; when you are unhappy or stressed you will tend to eat in an unhealthy fashion. Try to relax and maintain a proper diet, worrying will only make things worse for you. You enjoy conversing about finances as they are often on your mind.