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The mundane parameters have almost the astronomical values Cel. PDs inCh. Ptolemy : Fictitious speculum. Reckoned the longitude Cel. Pse-Ast : Fictitious speculum. Only the equatorial coordinates have astronomical values [Roberto] Almutens Currently the almutens are calculated acc.

To triplicity and the other is acc.

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A lot of astrologers used only the Essential settings in their Almuten of the Chart calculations. The program cannot tell you which planet is the AlmutenOfTheChart because e. There can be a planet that has only the second highest score but it aspects the ascendant with a partile aspect then this planet should be chosen as almuten of the chart. Only the astrologer can decide which planet is the AlmutenOfTheChart.

The accidental settings can be easily excluded from the Almuten of the Chart calculations by unchecking 'Use'. Any option can be set to zero and it won't be calculated. Sun-phases: oriental positions only and only in case of the mars, jupiter and saturn: degree from the Sun[Weak], [Medium], [Strong], [Medium], [Weak]. About the Essential settings: if OneRuler is selected then only one planet gets the score of the tricplicity and in case of daytime the first triplicity ruler will be that planet, in case of a nighttime chart the second one.

Already existing Topical Almutens cannot be modified. When you select a Topical Almuten in the combobox then its name and rows will be shown in the editor. The new Topical Almuten will be added to the combobox when you click on 'Add'. Only the seven planets are used in the almuten calculations. For all of them, a continuos profected movement is available, making in this way the astrological analysis easier. For a full understanding of the technique we suggest to work with double charts, setting the starting date and time with the native values. Then increase the profected time with steps of one year till to reach twelve, where cycle finishes and a new one begins.

Changing the time, look the native ASC position related to the external profected domification. The currently available zodiacal yearly profections are identical to the traditional yearly deg zodiacal profections. The astrological symbols are defined in Morinus. It contains the symbols truetype fonts and can be edited with e. Fontforge Linux and e. WxPython can't handle ttfs this is why we need to use PIL. This can be any image so you can change it: rename one of your.

Can be sent as email attachments. The fixstars. A line in the fixstars. A lot of fixstars have no traditional name. The nomenclature name comes from a greek letter and a constellation: alpha Lyra. The program uses the nomenclature name.

Solar Fire V9

For example, you want to see Vega at the top of the Fixstars dialog: just move don't copy the line to the top of the file. Now it needs to be given by the user. There is a slider controlling the size of the online-list. The greater the value the slower the data acquisition will be. In case of only one result i. The traditional aspects: conjunctio, sextil, quadrat, trigon, oppositio. They don't cross signs e.

Partile aspects are on the same degree e. The 'Exact' in the Orbs menu will be ignored. If the Traditional checkbox is selected If the topocentric option is selected then the topocentric positions will be shown and used everywhere Tables, Charts radix, revolutions. Saturn is This will be shown in the Arabic Parts table. Ascendant can be set: e. Means the lord of something: e.

Means the lord of housecusp 6. Only the seven planets are taken into account. Morinus distinguishes between night and day. You can include an orb for this. The civil dusk for instance, where it is still possible to read a newspaper outside, even if the Sun is already 'below the earth' ranges up to 6 degrees below the DC. Nobody would call this 'night'. Same thing with dawn.

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In case of a Full Moon syzygy you can select in the Appearance I dialog which position to use. To dignities , Exact Transits. FindTime: Geocentric positions and tropical longitudes degrees: are required. Use minutes, seconds, retr : if not checked then they won't count: e. Given planetary position is d 7m 49s. If retrograde is unchecked then the planet will be found according to its longitude only, it won't matter if it's retrograde or not.

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Approximation: the given longitude degree, minute, second will be added to and subtracted from the given planetary longitudes. The longitude of a planet is d 27m 49s and the approximation-minute is 20 then a range will be searched d 7m 49s - d 47m 49s.

The longitude of the planet will be searched in this range. This range will be calculated for every planet. In case of J-B Morin's chart the longitude of Mars is 98deg 7min 28sec. If Approximation-minute is 30 and 'Use' is checked then you can subtract or add e. Of course the longitudes of the other planets can also be changed this way because this range is checked for every planet. This is useful in case of charts created from older ephemerides where the positions are not that exact. Pressing the Cancel-button won't clear the already found chart.

Due to problems with wxpython, pressing the Show-button closes the FindTime dialog. In case of a problem, close the program and remove the option-files then restart the program.

In case of netbook computers the vertical resolution is only Currently only the Primary Directions dialog is bigger but if you check the netbook checkbox in Appearance I then a simpler shorter PD dialog will be displayed. If Both was selected before checking netbook then the program will select the first PD-setting Mundane. If Campanian was selected before checking the netbook then the program will select the first PD-system Placidus semiarcus.

If Automatic Save is checked then the program will immediately save the options-settings after you change them. If you don't check Automatic Save and you changed the options-settings then you have to save them anytime you want by clicking on Save if you don't save the settings before closing the program they won't be saved. The changed options will be saved in the option-files file. Change the color of the Frame of the radix horoscope to red, press Ok and you will see it in red color, now press reload. Select the Language you want then press Ok in the Languages dialog and Save the options.

Restart the program. The helpfiles are in the Res folder.

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They can be edited, but only basic html can be added. Morinus has no installer. Windows programs usually have installers: when the user clicks on the. These programs have uninstallers as well.

software – Heaven astrolabe: Traditional, hellenistic & medieval astrology

The data the path e. Morinus doesn't get installed on your system Operating System, or winchester!? After downloading the MorinusWinEng. Clicking on the Morinus. Deleting the MorinusWinEng directory is like uninstalling. Of course you can also create a link to Morinus. So, on Windows I recommend using the D: drive e. This way you will get a point x,y of the circle with radius.

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