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Worship of planets, remedies of various planetary problems. Practical for all the important topics will be conducted on regular basis.

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Yoga and doshas, Dasha and Transit, Predictive Astrology, Marriage and children Astrology, Medical Astrology, Remedial Astrology, Practical including all the topics , Yoga and doshas practicals of all the topics under these will be conducted. We provide knowledge so that one can easily give a remedy for all the problems. A solution for disease, stress, conflicts, quarrels, divorce, delay in marriage, career problems, failures, education, negative forces, income, expenses, losses, house, property, litigations, debts, ancestral properties, Pitra dosha, accidents, Manglik dosha, etc problems can be given by you once you learn Astromani under expert guidance.

Here one can find every information of major astrological events like eclipses, cabbalystic festivals as per the archaic Hindu calendar and panchang.

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The issues such as Kaal sarpdosh, Rahu kaal and remedies to alleviate them could be known with daily study. Log In Sign Up. Astro Mani To excel the super-science of Astrology, it is important that an individual posses the basic knowledge in Astromani.

About the Course Getting best Astrology courses is not a challenge anymore, as our efficacious resources and experts are braced to help you extract the solutions for all the quandaries of your lives by learning jyotishshastra. Students Duration of Course: 6-month Learning Course.

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Lectures Two lectures in a week for hours. Admission procedure: An aspirant can apply for the course by filling the application form.

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Dasha and Transit analysis of vimshottaridasha, mahadasha, Antardasha, pratyantardasha and sukshmadasha, Timing of Events, Use of Dasha system in the timing of events and predictions. Predictive Astrology: Results of 12 houses of horoscope and analysis of yogas. Marriage and children Astrology: Marriage when and how, calculation of marriage age, early marriage, late marriage, denial of marriage, coordination with the life partner, Matchmaking of horoscope for marriage, multiple marriages, love marriage, arranged marriage, The promise of children, children when and how, delay and denial of children, timing of birth of children, relationship between children and parents.

Balwinder Aggarwal working from 26 Years in this field.

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Shri Balwinder Agarwal Provide on-line- regular and correspondence classes in Astrology. Bada Bazar Haridwar. Email : iiachandigarh yahoo. Read More IIA- Why Unique.

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For details about the chapters and course fee, please reach us on — info astronupur. Ideally, this course should be availed after the successful completion of our Basic Astrology Course or else the person possesses some basic knowledge of astrology. For the payment details, please feel free to contact us at info astronupur. Teaching Astrology Classes Online Astronupur — Being one of the most leading organizations dealing in Vedic astrology, has gain vast expertise in this industry.