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Although Libras and Capricorns may initially be drawn to each other's intellect, Capricorn's focus on work does not match with Libra's social nature. Sign in. All Football.

Hana Carter. Mystic Meg October 7: The plans you make with a partner give you so much to look forward to. Harmony and peace are key to making this sign happy. When things are balanced, then there is harmony.

All About Libra Personality

This sign is often charming and people like to be around them and the only time that they will become unhappy is when they perceive that they have been treated unfairly. This sign does really well to embrace some form of meditation as it allows them to find that internal balance that will allow the outer balance to manifest itself.

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Most Libra enjoy physical exercise that involves some mental component, such as long distance running, or yoga. Many run marathons. Then, communicate what you need with kindness, clarity, and honesty.

Organize your work life so that the most important professional projects you are working on are getting your best efforts. Your creative projects get a head start when you set the right limits.

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The more thorough your plan, the more efficiently you can direct your efforts and produce your masterpieces. Your home life needs you now. This is a time to get grounded and tend to the responsibilities you have here.

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Building a space for yourself that feels welcoming, safe, and sturdy is first among them. The communication issues that arise now are crucial for you to work though.

Libra Dates: The Leap Year Bump

Tough conversations are part of being a good diplomat. Your bank balance asks for your commitment. Whatever lessons you are learning through your finances, know that the bottom line is always much deeper than dollars. Get to the root of the issue by allowing your feelings about it to come forward. Your season is asking you to double down on your commitment to yourself.

Libra Horoscope: Zodiac Sign Dates Compatibility, Traits and Characteristics

Growth comes at a cost, and this year it's price is refusing to play it small by rising to the commitments you know are yours to take on. Right now, your commitments lie in all the behind the scenes work you are getting done. Your social obligations are not only impressive and substantive, but incredibly important to show up for—with dedication.