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Canada Plans to Reject Chinese Telecom Workers on Suspicion They Could Be Spies

Show you the money, honey! But as you dive into that productivity, treat yourself to something just for you to reward yourself for making it through an emotionally intense Summer. A Mercury talisman or Circle of Luck necklace is the perfect treat, and spiritual tool, to take you into Fall.

Favorable transits are going to have you feeling the glow of Virgo and the glow of the success that follows productivity. Enjoy this practical and flexible energy, and use it to stay focused and organized when it comes to your goals.

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When you do, you will win! Sun: Virgo — Flawless attention to detail is productive and attractive. Moon: Scorpio — Time for your rebirth and personal transformation! The letter, obtained by the South China Morning Post , goes into further detail, citing section 34 1 f of Canada's Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, which says that anyone believed to be engaged in "an act of espionage," subversion against the government, or terrorism, is inadmissible to the country.

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An immigration officer sent another letter dated March 21 to the second applicant, who used to work for Huawei, on the same grounds. However, it added that the government is rejecting the application because the applicant's spouse, who still works for Huawei, "is a member of the inadmissible class," specifically someone believed to be engaging in spying, espionage, or subversion against the government.

Jean-Francois Harvey, a Canadian immigration lawyer based in Hong Kong, is representing both couples in the matter and told the Globe their — unrelated — residency applications were submitted more than two years ago, and the timing of the rejection notices is more than coincidental.

And the only thing in common with these persons is that they are Huawei employees," he said. Harvey has also represented more than 10 Huawei employees who have all immigrated to Canada successfully. Every now and then, as you're about to see, the cosmos reminds us of how much is possible when we really try.

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