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Instead of debasing the artistic process, these new constraints just shifted around the priorities of the design process, forcing artists to slough off all unnecessary frills and perfect the basic form. Remember when people thought trains and telephones would make their brains melt and TVs were the devil incarnate? They wanted to create more than just aesthetic objects, but a force for social progress.

You know at least one person who was conceived on an Ikea bed. Soon enough, plenty of other students came along to prove his theory wrong. In , Lotte Beese became the first woman to study in the building department of Dessau Bauhaus. Although an affair with a married Bauhaus director made life at the school a tad complicated for her, Beese went on to work on building projects around Europe, including planning for the city of Orsk in Siberia and for the first car-free street in the Netherlands.

Marianne Brandt was already a trained painter and sculptor when she arrived at Bauhaus, but instead of continuing in her old media, her talents led her to the metal workshop, where she became the first female student - and eventually, the head of the department. Several other Bauhaus women made names for themselves in male-dominated media - Lou ScheperBerkenkamp in mural painting; Margarete Heymann in ceramics; Alma Siedhoff-Buscher in woodworking; Ilse Fehling in sculpture, theater design and costuming.

That said, even at Bauhaus, the weaving workshop was severely lacking in Y chromosomes in , Emil Bert Hartwig became the first male weaving student , which says something about its status. Anni Albers, one of the first female teachers at Bauhaus, is a Bauhaus icon, widely regarded as a pioneer artist and weaver. Her designs influenced the geometric abstraction movement in painting, and in , she became the first woman textile artist to have a solo exhibit at MoMA. While most of her fellow weavers focused on abstract, geometric shapes and functional designs, Otti Berger took a more expressive approach.

She died in the camp, but her memory and her work - lives on in museums like the Met and the Art Institute of Chicago. All the while, many Bauhausers, men and women alike, were experimenting with avant-garde photography. Some took to photography as their main medium, but most explored it as a side hustle, like Gertrud Arndt.

Like most female students, Arndt studied weaving at Bauhaus, but her main legacy today is her photo work. Children of Bauhaus The school may have closed its doors in , but the movement was just getting started. The Bauhaus School had been a sort of incubator for ideas that then spread to all corners of the world, taking root, mixing with local movements, morphing and evolving to create new hybrids. The original Bauhaus crew might be shocked if they could see what their descendants were up to today: planning conscious cities more on that later , bumping techno and everything in between.

Its influence on fashion is also not too hard to grasp. Common trends that ebb and flow with the decades - minimalism, geometric forms, utilitarianism, play with proportions, metallics and even androgyny - share the spirit of Bauhaus.


Bauhaus at its core is modernity, invention, unexpected thinking and upended traditional hierarchies - Vetements screams all of those things, whether you get it and like it or not. So while some designers, like Mary Katrantzou in her AW18 collection, give explicit nods to Bauhaus, many, many more have a little Bauhaus lurking somewhere in their DNA.

It also passed down a little something to goth rock - the poster band for the genre takes its name from Bauhaus. Just like the Bauhaus School saved art from technology by absorbing it, techno found a way to re-infuse the music of late capitalism with its lost spirituality.


The scene: s Detroit, a racially charged and economically depressed wasteland suffering from the. Today, standard taste dictates that good design is clean, functional and democratic. Before, not so Rococo furniture is an extreme example, but even the Art Nouveau curlicues that decorate the Paris Metro entrances are distinctly anti-Bauhaus.

While Bauhaus obviously lives on in the aesthetic of Ikea, Muji and the like, its declaration that art should serve the masses reaches even further. This new, interdisciplinary approach to design uni-. Conscious city forums often probe into topics like the psychology of workplace design and the neuroscience of architecture. The thought of living in a space that sounds like it was dreamt up in an 80s sci-fi movie, a space where your every thought, feeling, itch, twitch and burp has been designed for by someone in a white lab coat, an aloof and omniscient Designer with a capital D, might be exciting in its possibilities, but only if you have a profoundly optimistic view of humanity.

Art in public spaces is always changing and constantly has some new revelation to be discovered.


Gorgeous Candy me myart myparents p. Do you have a job in the art world? Do your parents support and appreciate what you do?

If yes: Congrats you are the lucky one. But many of us are blessed with families that strongly believe we should get another job. Here comes the family special edition: just for you, mum and dad.

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A trip into a Teletubbies, surrealist dreamscape doused in rainbows, metallic Lycra, and glitter. The elaborate window dressings of Saks Fifth Avenue, across the street, wiped clear. The multidisciplinary program commissions contemporary artists to create works inspired by the landscape of New York City.

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For the past few years now, the Brooklynbased artist has engineered a menagerie of psychedelic soft sculptures. This time around, Koh and her colorful creatures have invaded the landmark plaza, occupying several locations throughout the Gothic, fourblock strip of limestone.

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It might have been hard to find the artist responsible, what with her modest, black puffer jacket the standard uniform of New Yorkers this time of year. However, as soon as she spots me among the throng of mid-day lunch stragglers, she slips off the dark marble landing where she has been perched and introduces herself with a warm hello. Koh is almost out of breath, at first, when giving me an overview of Braving the Cold; but who could blame her? This is her largest exhibition to date and it needed to be completed in a very short amount of time. It was just at the beginning of November.

It was a crazy deadline. She did not want to recycle or copy the sculptures. Koh fashioned completely new sculptures and experimented with velvet and satin - fabrics she felt were appropriate for winter. She also went a step further by trying out flowers that she had not crafted before. I want the work to be accessible, but I want it to make people think a bit too. I ask her more about her mindset and motivations.

So, I like to bring that into my work. When I do trios like the three roses she points toward I think of it as me and my daughters. I think a lot about relationships. In , she challenged the famed performance artist, Marina Abramovic, who had made disparaging comments about the limits child raising place on female artistic success. The post of her breastfeeding both her daughters while simultaneously working away became a viral clap back.

I ask her about the role her daughters play in her art and if she plans to continue working with themes that they have kindled. I think they influence me more and more. The illustration depicts the evolution of a flower dying in the winter. Thinking about the cycle of life. The cheerful kaleidoscopes of color are a welcomed change of pace from their gloomy backdrop. She had previously wished that there was more time to create a variety of illustrations but has ended up being happy with the way things have turned out.

Especially in this setting, because people just kind of walk by here and I think that my message needs to just be very direct.

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  7. Nearly every aspect of her art is light-hearted and fun, right down to the way she signs off her name in. In fact, Koh had already constructed a pizza sculpture before she was brought on board by the curator. They have that type of kitsch nostalgia that makes an aspiring collector - like myself - want to round them up like Beanie Babies and adopt them into my life.